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Defensive Driving Class
(Point/Insurance Reduction)
Accident Prevention Workshop
Traffic Safety Class
Reduce insurance by 10% and up to 4  points off drivers license
Cost: $55


Saturday or Sunday 10:30am - 4:30pm

(one day session - appointment only)


(Class consist of two 10 minute breaks and one half hour lunch break

This is a six hour course

Call to Register for the next  class

Next class... December 3, 2016

(Please Call)


Do I need a defensive driving class?

Who needs this:

You have car insurance in your name or you are on someone elses insurance


You have NYS vehicle insurance


You will get or be put onto NYS vehicle insurance within the next few months


You need it for your job


You have accumulated 11 or more points on your driving record within the last 18 months


You have a pending traffic court case and you might go over 11 or more points within the last 18 months


You have a CDL license


You have or are about to acquire a TLC license


Your drive for Uber or Lyft


A traffic court lawyer suggest that you take it


A court mandates that you take it


If it can prevent you from getting your license priveleges suspended


Who does not need this:

You do not have NYS vehicle insurance and do not plan to get any in the near future


You have less than 11 points on your license within the last 18 months


If having points on your license will not affect you job or your ability to get a job


You do not have a NYS drivers license


Note: Having points on your license in most cases is only a big deal once you go over 11 points within 18 months for a non cdl license or over   points for a cdl license or if having any points on your license could affect your job or your ability to get a job.





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