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Keeping the car straight  
 You have to notice which way and how much the car is drifting. The car can be drifting sharply or ever so slightly. Only turn the wheel as much as you need. No more no less. If the car is drifting ever so slightly then only turn the wheel ever so slightly. The sharper the angle the car is drifting on the more you turn the wheel. The sooner you recognize that the car is drifting the less you will have to turn it to correct it. A half a turn is usually the most that you may have turn the wheel.

The most important part of keeping your vehicle straight is being able to notice when it is not. A common mistake of new drivers is to try and see the front of the vehicle and the road directly in front of the vehicle. First of all, you can't and secondly, that would be like trying to walk down the street but looking down at your feet. How can you tell if you are going straight or not if you are not looking ahead of you. Keeping yourself straight is like hanging a picture on a wall. In order to know if your picture is straight you have to step back and view the picture in relation to everything else that is in the room. The same can be said of keeping your car straight. You must look at your vehicle in relation to everything else that is on the road. This is the only way to be able to tell when you are drifting. Look as far as ahead as possible. Take in the big picture, from the inside of your vehicle all the way out. Look at the road as a big room with your vehicle as the picture being hung on the wall. The parked cars, the lines on the road and almost anything else on the road that does not move can be used as guide to tell if you are straight. If you notice that you are getting closer and closer to an object then you know that you are drifting. Once your vehicle is drifting it will not correct itself. You must correct the drifting. And the sooner you correct it the less you have to turn the wheel. After a while your slight corrections of the wheel will become second nature and imperceptible.

If you see that you have no control over the vehicle and are constantly drifting from right to left, then slow down the speed of the vehicle. Moving at a slower pace will help you to control the drifting.














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